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Building Friendships and Making Memories at Summer Camp!

Signs of spring are all around us, especially that yellow dusty one I’m sure we are all tired of already. With spring coming, that means summer is right around the corner! Skipping too far ahead for you? I’m so sorry, but now is the time to start planning out your summer days, especially if you have kiddos around.

Summer camp can be a great option for children of all ages to fill those hot summer days. Camp is an opportunity for children to expand their knowledge about a variety of topics. Whether it’s space camp or a team sports camp, a child is going to develop skills and knowledge they did not have before. Sometimes it’s about trying something new, like a pottery class with Newberry Arts Center. Or maybe it’s about expanding on an interest they already have, like Farm Camp with Bowers Farm. Regardless, a child will not be the same boy or girl they were on the last day of camp as they were on the first.

Summer camp is also a wonderful opportunity for friendship building. Camps are set up to establish a strong bond with the participants and to make sure that everyone feels welcomed. It’s not too far-fetched to think a child can walk away from a summer camp experience with a life-long friend. Children are also often with other children they didn’t previously know before camp. They may meet other kiddos who look, act, and speak differently from them. Camp can be an opportunity for children to develop a greater acceptance of those who are different from themselves.

Summer camp can be a wonderful confidence builder too! Whether a sleep-away or a day-camp, a child is certainly pushed out of their comfort zone in a safe environment so they can learn and grow. Children are encouraged to try something new, to lead in new ways, and to find success in areas they may never have before. There’s also the undeniable piece of experiencing something without their daily caregivers around. It’s amazing to see what our

kiddos will do when they are not under the watchful eye their guardians.

But what about the gift of the adults? The Full Youth Institute’s research shows that it is ideal for a child to have 5 adults, in addition to their parents, actively involved in their lives. Summer camp is filled with adults who are ready and willing to pour into your children. They aren’t just there by accident, they’ve chosen to be involved in opportunities with children. Whether the relationship continues beyond the week of camp or not, for that week, you can bet that your child has an adult who is actively involved and engaged in their lives. What a gift!

Here in Newberry, we are so lucky to have lots of local opportunities for camp; the YMCA, Earwood Karate Dojo, Newberry Arts Center, Newberry Community Players, Bowers Farm, 4H, Soil and Water Conservation, and so many more! Summer is right around the corner, start planning your child’s weeks filled with amazing experiences now!

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