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I Have a Mustard Seed, and I Am Not Afraid to Use it

By Karly Cassada, Driector of The Mustard Seed Movement Nonprofit

Hello All,

My name is Karly Cassada and I am the proud director of a nonprofit here in the Newberry county area called the Mustard Seed Movement! Most of our events are hosted in Whitmire, SC because that is where our members and I were born and raised. It is also super beneficial because it’s a central location to the larger cities of Newberry, Clinton, Union, etc. so that we can not only impact our county, but the surrounding area as well. I have always dreamt of running my own nonprofit and, in January 2022, it all became a reality. Mustard Seed Movement’s main goals are to have fun family experiences for all to enjoy and make memories, all while raising funds to help local people/families in need. Whether it be a family enduring a tragedy, falling on hard times, or medical trials, we want to help locals survive and not line the pockets of large corporations. We are here to show the “little guys” love!

Mustard Seed Movement hosted the “Big Papa’s – Plungin’ for Cancer” event on Saturday March 11th, 2023. It was a polar plunge “fun day” in memory of our wonderful daddy, Darrell Jenkins. Our father passed away from cancer on March 13th, 2022, and my sisters and I believe there is no better way to honor his legacy than an exciting day to gather and raise money for a cause he was passionate about! He was a huge advocate for those suffering at the hands of cancer and always wanted to help others in need. A portion of the proceeds go to a local family dealing with cancer!

Follow us on Facebook at Mustard Seed Movement to get information on future events! We appreciate you and all the support and love we have always been shown! In this county, we can do ANYTHING!

Event Update!

They had a fantastic day at their event! The event raised over $3800 for Big Dickert!!!

"Daddy would have been so ecstatic today. Thank you to everyone who had a helping hand in today’s events. We truly appreciate each and everyone of you. Stay tuned for pictures. And please keep Big D and his family in your thoughts and prayers in the days ahead!"

- Karly Cassada

To see what The Mustard Seed Movement has coming up next, please visit their facebook page @Mustard Seed Movement

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