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Little Free Libraries

Written by Sandra Byrd | Charity Spotlight Sept 2023 Issue

Connect Kids Club is a 501(c)(3) religious non-profit organization formed in 2019 with a ministry arm, Connect Book Club. Connect Kids Club puts God back in public schools, both primary and elementary schools, through after school Bible Clubs based in Charleston, SC. Connect Book Club started locally in 2022 with Christian Book Clubs for women of all ages and denominations in the Midlands and beyond, as well as serving young women on a local college campus. Connect Book Club is about to launch a new ministry project putting God in the streets through Little Library Church Chapels, which are Little Free Library, Inc. free-standing libraries. Currently, most Little Free Libraries house secular literature only. Our libraries are for Bibles and Christian literature only that will be placed throughout Richland, Lexington, and Newberry counties. Our desire is to put hope in the hands of hurting people, to offer refreshing encouragement and truth for the soul, and to transform lives through God’s Word and his promises.

In May 2022, I was sitting outside pondering the recent loss of four teenagers gunned down by violence in a Newberry community. I gazed across the street to see a Little Free Library that contains secular books. A vision came to me to put God in the streets through Little Library Church Chapels that would house free Bibles, Christian books, etc. My thoughts immediately returned to the community, mourning the loss of four lives. The perfect place to put an LLCC! I contacted a friend to see if he could build a prototype of the box. And so, a new ministry was born!

The prototype was just that… a start. I knew it could be perfected, but needed help. I was led to contact the high school I attended, Spring Valley High School, in Northeast Columbia. I spoke with the head of Building Construction, Mr. Allen Olsen. With administrative permission, Mr. Olsen agreed to take on the project with his students. Under his direction, the project took on a life of its own. The students took ownership of the project, pride in their work, and took on a competitive spirit! As the work progressed, Mr. Olsen sent me pictures so I could witness the progress. With every photo, excitement grew knowing every LLCC would put hope in the hands of hurting people, offer encouragement for the soul, and would transform lives through the truth of God’s Word and his promises. We received our first order of LLCC’s from the school in May of this year and adoptions are underway! With the students so excited about the project, I asked Mr. Olsen to have them vote on a place for the first LLCC. The students voted to keep the first one at the school! The LLCC has been registered with the Little Free Library, Inc. and will appear on their worldwide map.

In our area, you can find an LLCC at First Baptist Newberry. We have permission to place LLCC’s in downtown Prosperity on The Square, Prosperity Town Hall, and one pending a vote at Wightman United Methodist. Another has been adopted by a Prosperity Consignment shop, too.

If you are interested in adopting a library for your church, community, business, or home - Please call Sandra Byrd, Executive Director at (803) 736-4408.

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We have no one too; at 1130 Hunt St

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