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Newberry Past, Newberry Now - Our 2019

As the year comes to close, we reflect on the year that we have had as a business, team, and as individuals. In 2019 -

We went to huge community events, like the Harper Street Bike Parade on the Fourth of July:

We attended Oktoberfest in Downtown Newberry - Not to mention we had fun while doing so:

We held interviews and took lots of pictures at the Community Tree Lighting:

Most recently, we were in the Newberry Christmas Parade and had more fun than ever:

We went to other community related events to spread the word about Newberry Now, like the Agape Leadership Luncheon:

And the Newberry College Career Fair:

When we weren't out in public, we had lots of laughs in the office, especially during our Wednesday Morning Meetings:

But it's wasn't always fun and games. We had to work hard before we could play:

Despite the great things that happened for us this year, we had a lot of trials and tribulations. We've had to react and adapt to everything that this crazy world has thrown at us. However, we've faced it all as a team and we've risen from it, better than we were before. Experience is something we pride ourselves on, and 2019 has only added another year to our credibility.

Through all of this, we have grown tremendously. Our team is bigger than ever and we see nothing but progress in the future.

We want to know what YOU - the reader, the viewer, the fan - think we could do to better ourselves in the new year. What have we done well? What have we struggled with? What do you want to see from us? Because, at the end of the day, you are what matters most to us.

Let us know in the comments below what you think and give us any suggestions you may have as we enter 2020, hopeful and excited.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from Newberry Now!

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