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Serving Country and Community

Interview of Steve Wilson, By Emily Geiger and Photos By Maggie White

Many families have made an impact on Newberry, and the Wilson family is no exception. Steve Wilson, along with his brothers, has been integral to the growth of business in our county, and their families have been loyal residents of our community for decades. Not only have the Wilsons been a great value to our county, but our country as well. A decorated veteran, Steve now leads Wilson Tractor, Inc. as a veteran-owned business and takes pride in providing quality service to Newberry and beyond.

A lifelong resident of Newberry county, aside from his time in college, Steve is a great example of providing value back to the community that raised you. He graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1985. Just before that, in 1982, Steve enlisted in the military and joined the South Carolina National Guard, where he was commissioned as a second lieutenant at 20 years old. He went on to spend 27 years in the National Guard and served as a Battalion Operations Officer, Executive Officer, Brigade Operations Officer, Commander of the South Carolina Selective Service Department, and Company Commander. Steve was proudly serving as a colonel when he retired from service.

Today, Steve resides in the Silverstreet community with his wife, Barbara. The two met 9 years ago and, on October 29th, they happily celebrated their one year wedding anniversary. Steve and Barbara share two dogs, Momma and Tippy. Both are registered “mutts” that were abandoned at Steve’s home. They effectively stole Steve’s heart, and the rest has truly been history. Upon taking them in, Steve and Barbara soon learned that Momma is always looking for a “snack” and they both love to go on walks and chase rabbits.

Steve is proud of his two daughters, Cooper and Stephanie. Both graduates of Newberry High School, the pair have become invaluable members of their communities. Stephanie, 27, is a driven child psychologist for York county schools. Cooper, 24, works with her mother providing integrative health management through massage therapy to the Newberry community.

Not only is Steve involved with the community through his business, but also through several volunteer positions at local organizations. He currently serves as a Newberry Opera House Foundation Board Member in the position of Treasurer and is Second Vice Chair of the Newberry County GOP. Steve and his wife attend New Chapel United Methodist Church where he serves as a Church Councilmember.

When he’s not working or serving his community, Steve enjoys hobbies, including yard work and fishing.

Though he is dedicated to his outside interests, his passion lies in continuing the family business. Founded by his father in 1984 with the hopes his sons would carry on the baton, Wilson Tractor, Inc. will be celebrating 40 years of business in 2024. Steve and his two brothers, Eddie and Ashley, are continuing the family legacy with a third generation involved, as two of his nieces have come aboard to provide farm equipment and light industrial equipment to the Newberry community.

Offering a wide selection of tractors, equipment, and parts to meet customers’ shopping and maintenance needs, Wilson Tractor’s goal is to provide quality merchandise at an affordable price.

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