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A Force of Kindness and Laughter

By Becky Davis

Tevin Wicker, best known as Blue, is a very nice, respectful young man! I met Blue when I started working at Food Lion five years ago. From day one, we connected instantly; it was always “yes ma’am” or “no ma’am” whenever he would talk with me. One day when Blue was getting buggies, he got overheated and came right in the store and found me. Myself and others took care of him until EMS arrived. From that day on he started calling me mom. When I asked him why he calls me mom, he said, “because you’re always there for me and help me when I need you.” He treats my children like his biological siblings. They look forward to seeing Blue when they come in the store. All the employees at the store also love Blue. There’s no one he can meet who would say they don’t love Blue! Because Blue has such a kind spirit and heart, he always puts others before himself. I sometimes will get on him about that, because he will stretch himself thin if you let him. He is well known throughout the community, and you can tell so when the customers come in. You will always find Blue smiling and making them laugh! Blue’s old football coach brings him a birthday card to this day. There’re also these loving customers that come in on his birthday and buy him a cake on his birthday. They will get everyone, including customers, to gather and sing happy birthday to him. I’m sure you’ve seen the Facebook videos! Even the community has love and respect for him, as well. He has so much respect for law enforcement and EMS services. He’s not afraid to take chances, so he was very happy when he was able to do the ride along with the officers. Blue also has a love for comedy, wrestling, video games, shoes, and clothes. He would always tell me how he was going to become a comedian. He will tell jokes to us throughout his shift and anyone that will listen to make them laugh or just smile. We need more kind people in this world, like Blue, who are selfless and awesome all around. I can say that I’m thankful for meeting Blue five years ago and being able to be a great influence on him. It’s awesome to know that not just myself, but that the community also loves Blue! For him to be nominated as Newberry’s Finest is just simply amazing and I’m very proud of him!


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