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Changing Perspectives One Step at a Time

By Catherine Johnson

We like to say at LIFEBRIDGE, we are changing perspectives and investing life-supporting tools into the lives of the individuals and families we serve. So, who and what is LIFEBRIDGE? We are a Life Care Center and we provide free peer support advisory and educational services in some very specific areas; relationships, pregnancy, and parenting. We do this at three levels; prevention, intervention/crisis care, and ongoing mentorship. Let me share how we came to do what we do.

As a small non-profit ministry, we started out primarily focused on pregnancy services. We found ourselves surrounded by young individuals who were hopeless, filled with anxiety, pushed by unrealistic expectations, and ill-equipped for life. This was leading to indiscriminate partner relationships, substance abuse, suicide, domestic violence, unplanned pregnancies, child abuse, and more. We knew that we could and should be doing so much more. We decided to expand our services and transition into a Life Care Center.

First, we expanded our services for individuals & couples facing unplanned pregnancies. This included helping them navigate relationship issues and the many fears and concerns about how this was going to change their lives. Opening conversations about adoption and addressing the many myths that surround it. We brought in phenomenal educational resources, extending from pregnancy & birth all the way through to parenting teens. This, in combination with personal sessions provided by compassionate advisors, provided the opportunity to learn and grow in an ongoing mentoring setting. We also offer private ministry for individuals who are healing from the pain of their decision to end their pregnancy.

We then expanded our healthy relationships and mental health support services. Because prevention was a priority, we expanded our website to offer many of our resources to anyone who was in need, regardless of where they lived. This includes a Parent Portal for parents of tweens and teens to help equip them to have difficult conversations with their kids.

Outreach events, including our annual Community Baby Shower, the Inspired Life Project & The Edge, have helped us reach people with direct resources. There are more outreach events in the works for our youth. We have also enjoyed the benefit of ongoing training for our team and have extended those training to the community. Considering joining our Life Team, check out the Getting Involved page on our website. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit serving 5 counties & beyond. We are donor-funded through fundraisers & private donations. All services are free. We would love to invite you to our Annual Comedy Night with Comedian Rik Roberts, at Chapin United Methodist Church on July 28th. Doors open at 6:30. For tickets and learn more about us at: LIFEBRIDGESOUTHCAROLINA.ORG 803-276-4173.


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