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Charity Spotlight: Lifebridge

By Catherine Johnson, Executive Director Lifebridge

Behind the beautiful glass windowed storefront of 1510 Main St. is a surprisingly large little non-profit.

The cozy lobby leads to expanding hallways lined with offices, private education rooms, a classroom, and The Boutique @ LIFEBRIDGE.

“Most people are shocked at all the free services available right here in Newberry,” says Executive Director Catherine Johnson. “As a faith-based non-profit, we are a hybrid of a ministry and service organization. If women or men need our services, they are welcome and are not restricted by income, residency, or other arbitrary restrictions.” The many free services offered at the LIFE Care Center are equally surprising. They include pregnancy testing, options counseling, and services referrals. The Parenting Classes include pre-natal and post-natal education, preparing for birth and newborn care. They go on to cover early childhood development, accidents and illness, and discovering how routines, discipline, and boundaries come together to help raise the next generation. Co-parenting can also be an especially difficult thing to manage, we help with that too.

The Boutique @ LIFEBRIDGE is exclusively available to clients taking classes and can help them with all things baby. There are adoption liaison services for individuals considering adoption but are not sure how adoption works. There are private sessions for individuals to find hope and healing after a miscarriage, infant loss, or abortion. Private sessions are also available in the area of healthy relationships, helping clients take their connections to a whole new level. The services extend beyond the four walls to two websites and multiple satellite locations in four counties and eight towns.

LIFEBRIDGESOUTHCAROLINA.ORG has online classes, a Parent Portal for parents of teens, and support services links. Each year LIFEBRIDGE hosts the Community Baby Shower, inviting expectant families in a 30-mile radius to a Celebration of Life. Families attend a luncheon, learn about service organizations in their community, attend a safety presentation, receive baby shower gifts and a new infant car seat, participate in maternity photos and hear about and experience God’s love. “This fall we are launching THRIVE, a mental health support group for young adults. We piloted the materials over the last year with fantastic results. So many things can bump you off in life and it’s nice to know you are not alone and it’s not forever,” said Johnson. LIFEBRIDGE is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. You are invited to join them on July 29th in the heart of downtown Newberry to tour the Center and then head over to the Historic Ritz Theatre for their Annual Comedy Night Fundraiser.

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