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Family of Faith in God, Love and Dedication

Written By: Rosa Flores | Photos By: Tori Steyne

When I say women can do anything through God, Jacqueline Cardinas is the true definition of it. Jacqueline's parents moved to Newberry County 25 years ago, leaving their beautiful home back in Guerrero, Mexico for a better future. Jacqueline was born and raised in Newberry County where she attended and graduated from Newberry County School District. Her parents rooted her in the word of God, like Jacqueline says “Can’t nothing be done without putting God first in your life.” She attends “La Iglesia De Cristo Templo La Hermosa” where she works with other sisters from the church for anything that the church needs help in. She is willing to help anyone in need, she is always a very loving woman. The same church she attends is where she met her husband, Lorenzo Cardinas, a man of many talents. Lorenzo was born in Florida but his parents later moved to Newberry County which he has been living in now for 14 years. He also attended Newberry County School District. Lorenzo is a very hard-working man; he always tells me “There is nothing I cannot do in this world unless I can't give it a try.” Lorenzo comes from a well-known family here in Newberry. One of Lorenzo’s goals is to always make his parents proud of the man they have raised. You will never see Lorenzo without a smile on his face when you step a foot in their store.

This couple together through faith and dedication are the proud owners of “La Glorieta LLC.”

Which is located on 703 Glenn St Newberry. Dedication is the key to any goal in life but can’t be reach unless you have God in your life. Well Lorenzo and Jacqueline are the true example of that. They work so hard together to make this store a place where you can come and buy without breaking your wallet. La Glorieta is a Hispanic store where you can find any ingredients, vegetables, and drinks for your dinner. If you are like myself and don’t wish to cook over the weekends, you can stop and enjoy some of their famous dishes like tacos, quesabirrias, discada, tamales and much more. And if you have a sweet tooth, you can stop by for some street corn, chicharron preparadas, sandia locas, pinas locas, and much more made by Jacqueline.

Jacqueline and Lorenzo are very happy their store is growing and gaining clientele every day.

Both are starting to see that their sacrifice is paying off. Jacqueline is not only a wife and

business owner but also a mother of 2 boys who is balancing all 3 every day. Nathan who is two years old, and Isaac who is ten months old. Which at an early age they are learning about being entrepreneurs just like their mom and dad.

Their future plan is to expand La Glorieta to offer a meat market. This family has faced many things throughout their adventure of being Business Owners but one thing is for sure is that Prayer and God’s grace has gotten them through it every day.

Client Reviews: Review #1 "A las personas de Newberry y sus alrededores les quiero decir que si necesitan productos mexicanos o productos centroamericanos está disponible Tienda La Glorieta en la GLenn St con mejores precios y amabilidad a sus clientes. 100% recomendable, mucha amabilidad. Ustedes son el #1 de todas las tiendas". - Norma Sanchez Review #2 "Buen surtido, excelente vibración y ubicación, y los dueños son muy amables." - Daniel Vargas Review #3 "Tienda La Glorieta es un lugar de bendición para quienes necesitamos de los productos básicos y de más necesidad, en lo personal soy cliente fiel porque cuentan con un servicio muy agradable y la amistad que le brindan a la clientela es de admirar. Mis deseos es que Dios los prospere en gran manera." -J uan Carlos Review #4 "Jackie and Lorenzo are incredible people. I drive out of my way an extra 30 minutes just to go to their store. They are great to work with when sending money to family in Mexico and I love getting fresh bread and other stuff that the normal stores are out of or dont sell. I can always count on them to have Valentina (my favorite hot sauce) and fresh vegetables such as jalapenos, limes, tomatoes, etc. Also, my favorite popsicles that are hard to find. Their customer service is outstanding and I enjoy talking with them and prefer giving my business to a locally owned business and to such great people." - Miranda

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