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Getting Your House in Order for Spring Cleaning!

By Jada Guess

Getting your house in order for spring cleaning may seem overwhelming, but in this article you’ll get the inside scoop from our experts at 1st Impressions Cleaning Services, LLC and you’ll be a pro in no time! With our room-by-room checklist, you’ll be cleaning stress free. These checklists will cover all the essential areas in your home!

To ensure you are ready for these tasks, let’s grab our supplies! We love to start off with something to hold all of our supplies, like a caddy! You can load up everything you need, like your favorite household products, or even a DIY solution! Remember to only take what you need to complete the first task. Here is a list of things you’ll need to start off your deep clean; glass/window cleaner, all purpose cleaner, your favorite floor cleaner, broom/dust pan, garbage bags, vacuum, mop and bucket, sponges, microfiber rags, and gloves. At 1st Impressions we make our own environmentally friendly cleaners with our favorite essential oils to keep things fresh and smelling great!

Next, choose an area in the home and start there! Kitchens are usually the toughest areas, being the most used area in the home. Between dinner, breakfast, snacks and whatever else goes on in your kitchen, this can be a tough job to handle. If you follow these steps from our experts, you’ll be done in no time! If you are ready to declutter your area, start with places like the pantry, getting rid of expired things and bring the fresh products to the front so you can see what you have! Here is a checklist for the kitchen: Dusting light fixtures, wiping down all appliances, cleaning the sink and drain, wiping down counters, cleaning fronts of cabinets, throwing any rugs or kitchen rags in the wash and sweeping and mopping floors!

The bathroom, as we all get ready here, there’s a lot going on in this space. Start by throwing any linens like curtains and rugs in the wash. You can dispose of expired items in your cabinet. Finally moving on to the more labor intensive work like scrubbing toilets, sinks, and showers! Here’s a bathroom checklist: Organizing products, washing linens, cleaning toilets, sinks, and showers, and cleaning any glass.

The living room is the place to hang! Cleaning this area can be simple. Take the time to move furniture like couches and get behind and under spaces. Vacuum down high areas like your couch. Here’s a checklist for the living room: Dust, wash throw blankets, vacuum, wipe down any furniture.

Bedrooms are the places we go to relax and unwind! Cleaning these areas allows us to do just that! Let’s start with throwing any sheets and pillowcases in the wash, fresh linen always spruces up the space! Here’s a checklist for the bedrooms: dust, wipe down furniture, wash linens, purge clothes, vacuum and mop.

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