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Hometown Hero: Kevin Evans

By: Crystal Shealy

Voted Fireman of the year for Newberry County

Kevin Evans has proven himself as a dedicated husband, father, state school employee, and volunteer fireman for 22 years for the St. Philips Fire Department. He has been a captain for 7 years, having been voted Fireman of The Year twice at his unit. Kevin has volunteered for Calvary Pentecostal Church Firework stand for the past 15 years. Kevin also volunteers as a bus driver for the Newberry County School District sports and band events. He volunteers for Kids Fun Day at St. Philips Church. He exemplifies every day to his family, coworkers, and fellow firemen his ability to work effectively under pressure even during the most chaotic and stressful situations. He maintains staying focused on reaching goals and this makes him a great addition to any team. Kevin has gained the respect and trust of others, allowing for effective and easy communication with his peers. When the situation warrants, Kevin has proven himself to be able to handle the leadership role. His demeanor is kind, friendly, and trusting. He is truly a great humanitarian and a Great American.

This is your chance to nominate a service member or front-line worker going above and beyond the call of duty — someone who shows concern for their fellow service members, their community, and the country they serve. Email nominations to hello@


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