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How to Prevent a Pest Problem this Winter

By Ray Worthington - Outdoor Pest Control Solutions

The winter months bring about colder weather, holidays, and a very unwanted guest, an excess of insects and rodents attempting to enter your home. Due to the harsh conditions outside, insects and rodents will seek out warmth and food, making your humble abode a viable candidate for their winter stay. Because South Carolina has such interesting weather patterns with short cold spells followed by warm weather, it takes a unique approach to pest control. Here’s how you can prevent a pest problem this winter with a few tips.

First, try to avoid giving pests easy access to your home through various nooks and crannies. Try to keep shrubbery and mulch from touching the foundation of your home, as bugs can enter directly from beneath. Check other areas such as floors, thresholds, screen doors, foundations, water pipes, and air vents to ensure there are no holes or cracks that could allow in insects and rodents. Keeping your fireplace sealed, especially during the spring and summer seasons, can be incredibly helpful in preventing pests from entering your home. Always store firewood away from easily accessible points in your home, preferably outside.

If you find any areas of your home that do have cracks or holes that rodents could enter through, fill them with stool wool, as rodents don’t like chewing on or through it. Because rodents become a bigger pest during the winter months, this step is an essential part of preventative maintenance.

Second, make sure that you clean your household regularly. Debris can attract rodents and insects during their search for food, and clutter creates an amazing hiding spot that fosters the warmth they’re seeking. A routine tidy can make a big difference in how hospitable your home appears to pests.

Third, and very important, is to make sure you have a spray done quarterly to ensure any entering pests are eliminated. After you get your house sprayed inside, do not clean the floors or baseboards until 5-7 days after the initial spray. It will give the spray time to do its job and kill any insects that are in your home. After the 7 days are up, go back to your regular cleaning schedule that ensures your home is pest free.

If you have any questions, concerns, or want to schedule an appointment for a quarterly spray, feel free to give us a call. At Outdoor Pest Solutions, we want every homeowner to have peace of mind this winter, and every season, through preventative treatments and other needed services.


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