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I Love You to Pieces: Kids' Craft

By Morgan Hill

This is a simple Valentine’s craft that kids of all ages can do. I love the simplicity of this one and the fact that most kids can go at it on their own.

While I had my kids cut up the pieces of paper, you can have your littles rip it instead. It’s a great fine motor activity and a good way to make the activity last longer.

Below is everything you will need. Most likely you have everything already – except for the template which can be hand-drawn or look for the free printable on Pinterest.

What You Need

Printable Template – Pinterest has many that offer for free OR you can hand draw it. Scrap paper in any color

Glue – I prefer glue sticks as it’s easier for little hands to use, dries fast, and is less messy.

How to make your Valentine’s Craft

1. Print or draw out your template

2. Have your kids help rip up the scraps of paper or cut (great scissor practice)

3. Place glue on the heart (it’s easier to put the glue all over)

4. Let your kids stick the scraps of paper onto the heart

You can laminate these as they make beautiful keepsakes or use them as Valentine’s for Grandparents and friends.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Remember to tag us when you post your pictures!

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