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Kay's Sweets and Treats

By Linda Wise Floyd

Linda started Kay’s Sweets and Treats on May 6, 2013. It was her mom, Mary Lee Wise’s, 60th birthday. Linda says her wife Alesha Floyd encouraged her to start the business and, from then on, it has been a sweet success. Linda has lived in Newberry her entire life. She is a Mid-Carolina High alum. On April 5, 2021, Linda lost her sister, Bobby Wise. Bobby was her biggest supporter and made sure Kay’s sweet treats were on the menu at nearly every event. Linda’s family is at the heart of Newberry. Her son, Treagury, is a teacher’s aide at Gallman Elementary and is a bus driver. Her daughter, Leyisha, is a teacher’s aide at Boundary Elementary and an instructor for the Boys and Girls Club at Gallman. Linda and Alesha have been together since April 2003 and were married April 25, 2020 right here in Newberry. Alesha has worked at Georgia Pacific for 23 years. They have three beautiful grandchildren, King, Taylor, and Raelyn, who are the best taste tasters. Linda said she remembers attending an event with a fruit table and knew instantly she wanted to pursue this industry. She got her first business license in 2015. She started from home by simply buying fruits and cookie cutters. Her first customers contacted her through Facebook for chocolate-covered strawberries and then a bouquet of fruit flowers. Her busy months are June and July. She has catered countless weddings and parties. She does decorative fruit tables; she purchases the fruit locally from Newberry.

Once she has selected all the fruits, they are thoroughly washed and transported in zip-lock bags. Everything is set up on the day of the event. She does a variety of shapes, letters and animals! She created animals, baskets and Disney characters with the fruits and vegetables. Her talent for creating and carving is unmatched. She is constantly on the go with all the events she is invited to all over South Carolina. She has been asked to bring her talents to New York for a wedding. The artistry and imagination she brings to the events are why her business is the growing success it is today. She has even made a 3-tiered wedding “fruit cake.” Linda plans on continuing to create huge and beautiful sweet creations for years to come. Tulips are her favorites to create. She says 3-tiered watermelon cakes are perfect for summer weddings. The cakes are decorated with fresh kiwis, melons and strawberries. For an outdoor event, you simply have to have a Pineapple Palm Tree. She is able to be reached for events through her Facebook page, Kay’s Sweets and Treats. Each event requires a reservation made at least 3 weeks in advance. She handles each reservation personally making sure all options and preferences are discussed before designing a table to fit each individual style and, most importantly, tastes!

Contact Kay’s Sweets & Treats at 803 944-7087

and follow them on Facebook @Kay’SweetsTreats


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