#MBM Emily:Revolutionary Marketing Group

This week's featured business is Emily: Revolutionary Marketing Group. They were founded with a mission to assist the small business owner with the capabilities and knowledge to compete in today's fast-paced digital environment. If you're looking for help on all your marking needs from business cards to websites continue reading!

Emily: Revolutionary Marketing Group offers services for all stages of business to include: brand development, comprehensive websites, digital and social media management, SEO monitoring analytics, location-based marketing, and promotional events.

They are Co-owned by:

Chris' skills range from strategic planning, community development and engagement, budgeting, financial forecasting, business analysis, marketing, logistics, financial oversight, business development, sales, and personnel management. He has led and managed organizations from as small as 16 to as large as 1,500.

Micah has a passion for analytics, quality graphic design, and digital symmetry. She has rebranded both small and multimillion-dollar companies. She has implemented social media campaigns as well as reputation management software for local non-profits to festivals to a world-class performing arts center.

Samie recognized a local need for information and created Newberry Now, a local Facebook page/group that encourages people to share information, events, and deals that pertain to Newberry and their business. It has grown exponentially over the last several years that you can regularly hear people say” Is it on Newberry Now?”

Did you notice no one is named Emily? Well, there is a story about who Emily is.

Emily Geiger (1765–1825) was an American Revolutionary War heroine who was captured by the English while on a military mission as a civilian. She was carrying an important secret message from General Nathaniel Greene; across enemy lines through what is now known as the Midlands of South Carolina. She was captured and questioned. However, thanks to her quick thinking and courage she memorized the message and destroyed the evidence. Since she outsmarted the English, they were forced to release her and she completed her important mission and got the message through to General Thomas Sumter, in Sumter Sc

Visit their website today at https://www.ermarketinggroup.com/team and be sure to follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WhoisEMILYG/?ref=br_rs !

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