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#MeetABusinessMonday with Thermaflo Incorporated

#ItsMeetABusinessMonday and this week we have a special manufacturing business located right here in Newberry. Thermaflo Incorporated is a manufacturer of steam-fired specialty equipment that is located at 2880 Fair Avenue Newberry, South Carolina 29108. Be sure to keep reading to learn more about this company and all they have to offer.

ThermaFlo Incorporated began providing customers solutions in 1986 with simple steam-fired hot water heaters and condensate return systems utilizing their hands' on-field experience. Unlike many manufacturers, they started out selling, engineering, and maintaining equipment in the field before they actually began building their own. These many years of working with steam and hot water systems provided them with first-hand experiences that allowed them to hone their skills.

Simply, they know how to manufacture equipment that works and can provide years of maintenance-free service to, “The Customer”. The many hours that they have spent starting-up, troubleshooting, engineering, and maintaining steam boiler-feed water, and steam-fired hot water systems go into every standard unit or custom products that they now build.

ThermaFlo Incorporated also has on-site survey and energy audit teams with over 35 years of field experience to save you energy and enhance your steam process.

Their divisions include:

  • Water Heat and Hydronic group that includes the TH-750 Domestic Water Heater, TH500VX “Vacuflo”, and the TH500ZX “Zero Flash” Building Convertor and process fluid heater.

  • Feed Water and cleaning steam group that specializes in spray and spry tray deaerators and feedwater systems, condensate return and surge systems, boiler blowdown tanks and heat recovery, and clean steam generators.

  • Stem specialties and systems group that offers a range of steam traps, pressure and temperature regulators, safety relief valves, non-electric pressure operated condensate pumps, steam separators, air vents, vacuum brake, and onsite survey and energy audit teams.

Visit their website today at and be sure to follow them on Facebook at!


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