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New Year, New Celebrations

By Sarah Cruz: Director of Children and Family Outreach at Aveleigh Church

As the year is ending, we are looking expectantly to what the new year could bring. Aveleigh Fellowship of Presbyterians is excited to announce what they will be bringing to the Newberry community and surrounding areas starting in January. On January 9th, 2022, at 10:45 a.m. Aveleigh Church will be introducing a brand new contemporary worship service called the Celebration Service. This type of modern worship experience has not been done before in Newberry and Aveleigh members are excited to see how God will use this service to serve individuals and families in the community.

The new service will be taking place in Aveleigh’s newly renovated gymnasium. Pierre B. Harris, Aveleigh’s Director of Music and Worship, has been working hard to prepare for the new service’s launch. “Our goal in adding this service is to provide opportunities for everyone to worship in the style that speaks to their hearts. Whether through traditional hymns (offered in the 9:15a.m. blended service) or contemporary Christian music, if hearts are turned to God, then worship is true and beautiful.” Wade Verch, a member of Aveleigh, has been a part of the process in creating the new service and is excited to see the vision come to life. “The vision behind this service is to create a family friendly environment at a time that is convenient for everyone. Children will be able to enjoy Sunday School while parents can worship to Contemporary Christian music and enjoy Genesis coffee in our newly remodeled gymnasium.” Nursery care and children’s activities will be available during both services. Alexandra Simpson, another member of Aveleigh, along with her husband and two-year-old daughter, had a few words to add. “We love the warm, welcoming, and accepting people at Aveleigh. We’re excited about the casual and exciting environment of the Celebration service for our family! We know Pierre’s music is always top notch, so we can’t wait to enjoy it with a full band!”

Sarah Cruz, the Director of Children and Family Outreach at Aveleigh Church, plans to take this opportunity to reach out to families, teens, and young adults in all walks of life, and invite them into a Church community where they can feel welcome and wanted. “I love the kind of atmosphere that this service will provide. God has created every individual uniquely and every individual worships uniquely. Whether someone feels led to raise their hands and shout for joy or bow their head and close their eyes in reverence, this service will let them feel like they are free to worship how they were created to.” On top of the new service, Aveleigh will also be introducing a new K.I.D.S. Church in early 2022. It will model a VBS style module with different stations for crafts, games, worship, snack, and more. For questions and information, feel free to give us a call at (803)276-3534. You can also check us out on Facebook and find out more information about the new service and other events coming up, or visit our webpage,


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