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November Hometown Hero: Papa San

Written By Katie Chappell

A friendly face with great jokes, Papa San is an icon within the Newberry community! Visitors to Fusion restaurant are always welcomed with a great smile and, if a regular, most likely a greeting including their name! Sitting down at Papa San’s table is like settling in at home and talking to an old friend. Papa San is so great, the community has lots to say about him:

“Papa is always so jolly and happy. The food is always great but we love to go to see him. He makes any bad day better!”

- Missy Wooten

“Papa San loves to serve. He wants everyone to be Happy! If you are having a bad day when you come in, you won’t be having a bad day when you leave. His love for everyone is contagious!”

- Deah Dennis Roberts

“He’s so welcoming! Every time I go in I feel like family!”

- Marguerite Girard

“Was always so accommodating to my mom and dad as far as making room for her scooter and even helping load up sometimes!! What a gentle and sweet soul!!”

-Lee Davis

When you've had a bad day, or you don't feel like cooking, Papa San comes to the rescue! He is such a valuable, positive member of our community and his kindness doesn't go unnoticed.

Nominate a hometown hero for us to feature in a future edition. Email your nominations to!


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