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Pet-Friendly in Newberry

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

There is no one better to spend the day with than your four-legged companions. They're the best friends you can ask for, after all. Here are some of the best places to go with your furry friends to have a paws-itively good time in Newberry:

Start out your morning by dropping by Starbucks to get your favorite coffee and a pick-me-up for your pet. When pulling up to the drive-thru, tell your barista you have a pup in tow and ask for a puppuccino (they'll know exactly what you're talking about). When you pull up to the window, you'll receive a tall starbucks cup full of whipped cream, made especially for your bestest friend. If you want to sit and savor your drink, you can enjoy the open patio area in front of the store. No promises that your doggo won't finish their puppuccino in a hurry, though (warning; it's yummy).

Newberry College has a gorgeous campus to take a stroll around and, not to mention - it's completely pet-friendly. Walk around and see all the historic buildings and, if you can, catch a sporting event while you're there. Newberry's Baseball and Softball fields at the Smith Road Complex always welcome four-legged friends and provide a great environment to sit back and enjoy a game. There is even a green area that your friend can explore while you catch a few innings. Visit to find out game times for every sport on campus!

Pelican's Snoballs is the best place to get a sweet treat with your best bud! They offer Pup Cups, which are snow cones made especially for your pet in fun flavors like peanut butter. Pick up a refreshing treat for yourself, as well (there are so many flavors to choose from), and enjoy them in the spacious outdoor sitting area behind Pelican's.

Take a short drive out to the Peak to Prosperity Passage of the Palmetto Trail to enjoy a nice hike with your favorite companion. Make sure to stop at the Broad River Trestle, a highlight of the trail, spanning more than 1,000 feet. Find directions to the trail and more details at

The most important part of your day is making memories with your best friend. No matter what you do or where you go, cherish the time spent with your four-legged friends. No one will ever be as loyal to you as they will, so give them the kind of day in Newberry that they dese

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