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Refreshing Outlook

By Katie Chappell

"Those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed." Proverbs 11:25

That's the inspiration, and ultimately the mission, of Refreshing Outlook, a nonprofit organization founded right here in Newberry county. After navigating the personal journey of processing and grieving the loss of his son, founder Charlie Bedenbaugh found hope in solitary with others experiencing similar loss. In 2017, Refreshing Outlook was created. The organization is proud to be driven by the desire to help others through loss by providing them with support, encouraging them in their faith, and supplying them with the hope that they can overcome the challenges lying before them.

As their first project, Refreshing Outlook announced the construction of The Will Memorial Sports Complex, a baseball park that will service athletes from Newberry county and beyond. Sports have proven an incredible avenue for individuals to express themselves, learn essential social skills, and establish self-discipline. The complex will host baseball and softball teams of all ages and hopes to coach players to not only to grow in their sport, but in their character. Refreshing Outlook's goal is both to service the community and to prove the importance of sports to community and character building, healing, and overall health.

Commonly nicknamed "The Will," Charlie says that it "is being built to honor the many families who have suffered the tragic loss of a young child and to support, unite, heal and empower our communities through support services, ministry, and sports." Construction is well underway and Charlie, along with other members of the organization, is excited about the progress being made on such an important and influential asset to our community.

"The Will" is being funded solely through donations to Refreshing Outlook by members of the community, local businesses, and volunteer services. Its current campaign, #39for3, honors Will's baseball jersey numbers while playing at Mid-Carolina High School and Charleston Southern University. If you would like to support or volunteer with Refreshing Outlook, we ask that you visit our Facebook page for more information on donation sites and volunteer coordination. Your support would be incredibly appreciated during this time, as you would be helping make the dreams of both an organization and a community possible.

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