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Santa Claus Is In Town!

Though far from the North Pole, Santa takes up residence here in Newberry during the holiday season to spread joy to all. For over 20 years, Newberry's Santa has graced the community with his bright cheeks and hearty chuckle. Now, Mr. Claus has opened up about his journey to Newberry from the North Pole.

The Newberry Santa wasn't always St. Nick, but wanted to be even before he was grey and his beard grew in. Santa Claus himself said, "My Brother and I talked about doing it, looking into the future. My father started turning gray in college, so we though we probably would turn grey early too."

Once gray, the rest of the look had to be completed. It wasn't just about the beard, but the suit too. Believe it or not, Newberry's Santa got his suit from his father-in-law, who also worked as Santa back in his day. The suit was inherited, making Santa more authentic than ever. It wasn't just any suit, but one made of Corduroy, which you don't see much of anymore.

As Santa, the Newberry local first appeared at an event for the City of Newberry - and the rest is history. He now does family visits, meet and greets, story readings, photo opportunities, and even passes out gifts.

"I have visited one family in Laurens County every year, with one exception in 2005," Newberry Santa explained. He is in attendance at the Newberry Christmas Tree Lighting, as well as the weekly holiday event downtown, the Newberry North Pole, and the Prosperity Shoppers Walk. He even visits local restaurants, like Ronnie's Family Restaurant, Roma's House of Pizza, and Hawg Heaven.

Being famous is a lot, as Newberry Santa tells it. He says, " I have had kids and adults follow me into stores asking for pictures when I do walk around downtown Newberry." Don't be discouraged though, the Santa of Newberry loves being who he is. "I love the way people smile when they see me either in the full suit or just in my old Santa hat and street clothes, or even in jeans and a white t-shirt and a Stetson at a friend's Halloween party."

The Saint Nicholas of Newberry has truly been a blessing to have in the community for nearly two decades, spreading holiday cheer. He goes on about his work as Santa in the Newberry community; "The young, and young-at-heart, seem to light up. It brings hope, love, and joy to kids 'from one to ninety-two."

f you recognize the Newberry Santa, let us know in the comments. Not only that, but we want everyone to comment their favorite picture they have with the Newberry Santa Claus so that we can see all the great memories created with him at Christmas Time!

Merry Christmas, Y'all!

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