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Seafood That's Good for the Soul

By Katie Chappell

A fairly new member to Newberry business, but a warmly welcomed one, the Crabbler is the restaurant to visit! Opening in March 2021, the Crabbler got its start in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, yet they received great support from the community. From single lunch and dinner guests to big events for families and groups, the Crabbler has worked to develop great relationships with a wide range of clients. Their secret? Owners Jennie Fan and Amy Zhang say that it’s their willingness to do “anything to make our clients happy and satisfied.”

With such a love for serving others, Jenny and Amy are no strangers to the foodservice industry. Having opened Newberry’s Tokyo Grill in 2016 and finding success, the women felt that Newberry’s growing economy deserved a variety of food options for locals and visitors alike. While Newberry does have a good variety, the lack of seafood available in the area inspired Jenny and Amy to bring something new to town.

Seafood fanatics themselves, Jenny and Amy looked to find others within the community that want fresh seafood but don’t want to go out of their way to find it. After creating a name so on-the-nose it's clever, Crabbler meaning “to catch the crab,” the restaurant opened their doors and have been in awe of the support they’ve received since.

If you’re looking for tasty, fresh seafood in our area, look no further than our very own Crabbler. With unique options, such as their half-pound to one-pound offerings, “seafood broiler,” and party trays, the Crabbler can accommodate almost any party in size or taste. Choice of sauce, spice level, and sides make it a dining experience customized just to your liking. Give them a visit and feel like you’re on the coast, no matter if you’re 10 minutes from home.


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