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Shades of Autumn

By Amy Burke, Owner of Salon Three

With the change of the seasons, we often see a shift of colors in every aspect of our daily lives. Winter brings soft whites, pale greens and muted shades of blues and greys. Spring blossoms into soft pastel pinks, earthy shades of greens and soft browns as we enter into the season of renewal. Summer is bright and fun with tropical blues, sandy neutrals, golden yellows, and bold corals as we soak up the warm sunshine. Autumn brings deeper, warmer tones as the leaves begin to change. As we see these colors change all around us in nature, we can’t help but change the colors of our wardrobe, our makeup, and even our hair.

With the ever changing trends of hair color in today’s world, one thing stays consistent, the hair color transitions from summer to fall, bright for summer, dark for fall. We can’t help but resist changing our locks just as mother nature changes her landscapes. How can we update our hair to reflect the season? Read below for some tips on how you can make a subtle change to your hair to compliment you and celebrate the fall.

Blonde Bombshell

Honey, wheat, champagne, butter, sandy, platinum, or ash just to name a few. Love being blonde but want to change it up? Opt for more depth and dimension during the fall and winter months so you don’t have to sacrifice your blonde. This can not only brighten your current blonde, it can also give you more flexibility and less maintenance to carry you into the cooler months.

ASK FOR: Lowlights with a demi-permanent that matches your natural

SPICE IT UP: Add a pop of color like strawberry, rose, or lavender!

Bold and Brunette

From dark chocolate to mushroom brown, brunettes have the best base for fall colors. If you’re an all over brunette, consider adding some face framing highlights and go for a tone that compliments your skin. Caramel and honey are perfect for the fall. If you prefer the dark side, opt for a change of tone all over that compliments your skin tone.

ASK FOR: All over brunette or face framing highlights

SPICE IT UP: Choose a caramel or dark chocolate.

Radiant Reds

Redheads can easily steal the spotlight and demand attention anywhere they go. No matter where they are starting from, red heads can have the most fun by spicing things up. Red can be the most rewarding shade on the spectrum that can complement every skin tone when done right. Natural redheads can easily transition into fall by shifting their tone the slightest bit to be richer and more vibrant. Blondes and brunettes can also make this shift by going to a strawberry blonde or a rich mahogany.

ASK FOR: All over shade in copper or red to compliment your skin tone

SPICE IT UP: Go bright or ask for pumpkin spice!

No matter what color you choose, be sure to have a licensed professional perform the service to keep your hair as healthy and vibrant as possible!


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