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So, You Are a Host. Now What?

By Tina Devette, Owner of Laila's Place Café & Bakery

It’s a new year, which will be filled with life-changing milestones: babies will be born, and couples will be married. Someone will be chosen to host these celebrations; let’s do this with the least amount of stress as possible. Here are some things to consider when hosting a shower – whether wedding, bridal, or baby: date, venue, and personality.

The date: make sure your chosen date is available on the calendar of the baker and/or caterer of your choosing. Please give yourself, and others on your team, ample time for planning and execution of the details. This is critical to decreasing stress levels. The venue: is it indoor or outdoor? Temperature will play a key role in your menu choices. Not every food item is compatible with a warm environment. Personality: let it take center stage! The shower should showcase the personality(ies) of the honoree(s). Although cakes are cute and traditionally seen at showers, you are not obligated to follow suit. Many people are choosing to offer alternative dessert options. Again, let creativity come to the forefront and highlight the couple.

Many of our clients have opted for the following non-traditional desserts:

1. Donuts - Not only are they easy to eat, but you can also customize them. They are available in a wide range of flavors, from original glazed to total decadence. Regardless of what flavors you choose, your guests will devour them.

2. Cupcakes - They are just the right amount of cake, ranking very highly as a beloved shower cake alternative. The cake and buttercream combinations are endless, but you can always keep it classic with the basics.

3. Cookies - A dessert table of chocolate chip cookies, served with milk, will take your guests down memory lane too.

4. Ice Cream – If you scream for ice cream, so will your guests. Offer them a build-a-cone station experience they’ll never forget, pairing Old Fashioned Vanilla with an extravagant toppings table.

You can also truly express yourself through any of the 38 flavors we have available. If Laila’s Place can help you create a one-of-a-kind experience at your next shower, don’t hesitate to call us!


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