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Special Thanks to the NCC Cosmetology Students!

By Brooke O'Shields

We started off our day by our girls getting their robes and heading over to the Newberry County Career Center while the boys hung out in the "man cave classroom" having free time. Once at the Career Center, the Cosmetology Instructor, Samantha Young, and her students had everything prepared for a special time of pampering our girls. The cosmetology students did an amazing job of making sure our students' hair, make-up, and nails were just like they wanted! Once completed, we had a police escort back to the school to get everyone's dresses and suits on and snap a few pictures before parading down the hall to Prom. Newberry High School students and staff lined the halls and cheered as we paraded through the halls to Prom. Once at Prom our students enjoyed a taco bar, cake pops, and dancing. The students voted on Prom King and Queen and they were awarded to Tye Gillespie and Shaniya Lindsay.

Our students all have exceptional needs and range in age from 13-21. If you ever need a little joy, teaching and just being around our students are just the fix! They find the good in every situation and always have the best time no matter what they are doing. Music and dancing are definitely right up their alley and they loved getting all dolled up. We are very thankful to Samantha Young, the cosmetology instructor at the Newberry County Career Center, and her students for their hard work in getting our girl's prom ready from hair to make-up and nails. They were awesome and I love to watch her students work.

A quote from the Career Center Cosmetology students "We provide hairstyling services, nail services, and make-up to those students attending the event. This is a great opportunity for the Cosmetology students to get some hands-on experience with formal styling and for those students attending the event to enjoy their time in the salon, as well. It is a great experience for all involved."

The following students were in attendance at Prom.

1. Imbassy Clark

2. Brissa Serrano

3. Jamaiya Sheppard

4. Jami Matuszak

5. Tamar Lopez

6. Latha Scott

7. Autumn Dibble

8. Ariell Dent

9. Tye Gillespie

10. Michael Wallace

11. Cameron Ruff

12. LeeAunna Smith

13. Shaniya Lindsay

14. Addison Cannon

15. Zaniyah Griffin

16. Kristine Dycus

17. Steve Vazquez

18. Xavier Gary

19. Braxton Neal

20. Ja’Bari Grant

21. Zayquan Davis

22. Brian Coker

23. Shadasia Harris

24. Zoee Boyd

25. Hanif Sligh


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