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Stagemakers Fourth Annual Spring Showcase!

Article and Photos by Lane Joiner

May is a special month that nearly every student and parent welcomes with enthusiasm. With awards ceremonies and end-of-the-year recitals, it’s the perfect time to celebrate a child’s growth and accomplishments. Our students at Stagemakers are eagerly awaiting May as they prepare for our Fourth Annual Spring Showcase. This year, we are staging a student-written mini-ballet called Flowers and Fairies that features our beginning and intermediate dancers. We’ll also have a variety of shorter pieces that demonstrate our dancers’ abilities to take what they’ve learned throughout the year and turn it into performance-worthy art.

Dance, like all art forms, requires practice, dedication, and a willingness to step out of one’s comfort zone. Each week, our dancers ages 5-18 spend several hours in the studio striving for perfect technique, applying the principles of artistry to their movement, and collaborating with their peers and other performers to create experiences for our community. Perhaps, unlike other art forms, dance is much more about the process rather than the product. Lots of our students go on to have their own careers in dance or study it in college. Our curriculum takes this into account and seeks to prepare students to further their dance training with collegiate and professional dance companies.

For children ages 5-18, we offer Classical Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern Dance, Conditioning, Dance Education, and Musical Theater. Stagemakers is home to the Newberry Ballet Guild, which is a non-profit, pre-professional ballet company for ages 6+. We also offer Heels Jazz and After Hours Movement classes for women ages 21+ through our sister company, The Bawdy House. For more information about our program, visit our website at

Upcoming Events at Stagemakers:

May 1: Bring a Friend to Dance Week (any prospective students may attend with RSVP) Friday

May 5 @ 7 PM: Ladies’ Night Dance Party: tickets $20 Sunday

May 21 @ 3 PM: Spring Showcase at Newberry College Theater; tickets $20 (please RSVP as this show will sell out)

July 14-21 @ Newberry Opera House: Triple Threat Training Performing Arts Camp for ages 11-18.

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