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Learn all about the new luxury apartments coming to Downtown Newberry!

The original building was designed and built in the 1920s. Some unique features were the concrete structure, in which you can still the indentations from the wood forms. It also had glass blocks set into the sidewalk to get light into the basement.

In 2017, Renovo Development of Charleston, SC, began to take interest in Newberry. The development group saw the benefits of I-26, increased growth to the north of the Columbia metro area, and began looking at possible investments in Newberry.

Immediately, they designated the Old Mower Building as one of the buildings to watch.

In early 2018, Renovo Development made an offer on the building and it was accepted. The Renovo Development leadership felt that the time was right to start construction and preparation of a work-live environment.

On the first floor, offices and retail spaces would create an environment of activity during the day. On the second floor, 11 apartments would allow renters to experience the wonder of living in Downtown Newberry.

By December 2018, the offices on Holman Street were completed and businesses moved into the spaces. As 2019 began, Renovo Development put the mark on the wall to have renters in the spaces no later than October 1st of 2019.

In January of 2019, demolition and construction of the apartment spaces began in earnest. By July, drywall was up, electrical lines were in, cabinets and fixtures were being installed. Things are moving quickly and the excitement is truly building!

Renovo Development is taking applications now for pre-leasing. If you are interested, please call 843-693-2117 or visit the Facebook page at


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