Sunglass Island by Alice Romanstine-Hall

Check out the new children's book Sunglass Island by Alice Romanstine-Hall.

I am Alice Romanstine-Hall and I am the author of the children’s book, Sunglass Island.

Many years ago, my children and I were at Edisto Island in South Carolina. My youngest son, Coleman, was playing in the surf when he was surprised by a wave. The wave topped him over end over end and, in the process, he lost his sunglasses.

Needless to say, Coleman was distraught!! At that moment, I came up with an idea to soothe him. I created the concept of Sunglass Island - the place where lost sunglasses go!

Sunglass Island is a charming story that takes a peek into the lives of lost sunglasses! If you ever needed to explain where the sunglasses go, or you just need a lovely story for your children or grandchildren, Sunglass Island is sure to please and delight!

To learn more, you can visit Sunglass Island on Facebook at or on the web at

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