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T N T 29108 - Dynamite Service That'll Blow Your Mind

T N T Services 29108 is a unique name that has a pretty simple explanation – father and son, Troy N’ Trey, that are from the 29108. It’s a catchy name that you can’t miss, and their service is just as bomb as they intend for their name to be.

T N T 29108 began with Troy Price’s pursuit to make sure his boys never filled out a job application because they’d always have a business of their own. He says that God gave him that drive as a gift and he has promised himself to follow through. Troy speaks on his business with love; “I’ve devoted the rest of my life to making sure [my children] will be their own bosses and entrepreneurs. Every little piece of what I get is, of course, for the church and for my children.”

T N T has been in business a couple years. It all started because Troy acquired a lump sum of money, the church was already paid for, and he felt the need to do something else. His father always told him to “turn his money, not sit on it” – and that’s exactly what he did. He bought a car trailer and started from there. To help out, his brother gave him a wench, and then he got a dolly and began hauling cars for a friend. Things took off from there. Aside from the towing aspect, Troy has always done grass cutting, and has had tractors for his own property. It all started as a way to help out friends and family but, as Troy says, “There’s nothing wrong with making money.”

T N T offers towing, grass cutting, land clearing, leveling, driveway creation, stump removal, hauling, and moving. Basically, if you need it done, Troy can do it for you.

What sets T N T 29108 apart from others like it, you ask? The Father-Son dynamic that makes T N T very tight knit, along with the strong Christian values behind the business. Characterized by their trustworthy, reliable service, T N T is an honest and dependable company that has customer satisfaction and respect at the forefront of their priorities.

Troy hopes to set an example for the community and for families around, as he hopes that “the black community is inspired by [my] business, to show that black men can be both involved in their community and in their children’s lives.”

To contact T N T Services 29108, please visit their FaceBook page,


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