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Tacos to Die for: Tacos Don Mane

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Like most things, "Tacos Don Mane" started as a dream for 24-year-old Jose Alvarez and has become a budding hit with locals. The food truck, located in front of Aaron's and Tractor Supply in Newberry, serves 100% authentic Mexican food, full of flavor. However, it wasn't always in the Cards for the Alvarez family to serve Newberry such delicious food.

"We bought the food trailer and it was just sitting in the backyard. One day we were sitting outside looking at it and said, 'maybe we should get into the food industry," Jose reflected on his start. Still working a full-time job, he learned to manage both businesses at once and figure out a schedule that worked for him - working during the week and running the taco stand on weekends. Nearly a year later, business picked up enough that Jose quit his old job and went full-time running 'Tacos Don Mane.'

Jose couldn't have done it on his own, though. He says his biggest inspiration in life is his mother, Maria, who helped him get his feet on the ground when starting his business. "If it wasn't for that lady I wouldn't even have a business. She's the one who cooks and helps me at the grill. She's my biggest supporter. I learned everything I know from her, including how to cook."

The business was a pick-me-up for both Jose and Maria nearly three years ago, channeling their passions for others to enjoy. After the passing of his father, Jose opened the taco truck under the name 'Tacos Don Mane' to honor his father. "The name 'Mane' is short for Manuel, my father's name, so it has great meaning for my family. We wanting to honor his name by putting it on my business," Jose reflected.

Through hard times, the Alvarez's have remained optimistic and look forward to a bright future with 'Tacos Don Mane'. Jose said, "Just like any small business that starts from the bottom, we have to get our name out and have the town taste the food, of course. Hopefully in the near future we will open a small restaurant where customers can enjoy their meal inside."

'Tacos Don Mane' is open on Fridays from 1pm-10:30pm and Saturday/Sunday from 1pm-11pm. Check out their Facebook page for more information on their amazing cuisine:

Written by Katharine Chappell

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