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The Bishop Family: An Unspoken Hero in Our Community

Written By Katie Chappell

Photos By Magazine Photographer Tori Steyne

While many people think heroes are formed in the pages of comic books or on box office screens, there are unspoken heroes that receive their superpowers from far more common places. People who save the world by getting up each morning, fixing a cup of coffee, and facing the day – people like Kendal Bishop.

Growing up in the Silverstreet area, Kendal has always been a small-town girl with big aspirations. After a year at Lander and then Piedmont Technical College, Kendal received her associates degree in Business with a focus in Medical Billing and Coding in 2009.

She didn’t stop there, though. In 2014, Kendal graduated summa cum laude from Newberry College with a BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Organizational Management. After leaving Newberry College, she went to work doing what she loved.

A medical condition, however, stood in the way of her and a typical 9 to 5 due to a lack of flexibility. Kendal reflected, “I was sitting on my couch one morning and thought ‘there has to be a better way.” So, she took a leap of faith and, with $200 to spare, opened her own business. In 2018, Kendal started The Bishop Agency, a multisector organization that specializes in revenue management and its many different facets.

As if it isn’t challenging enough to open a business, Kendal was set on advancing her education and was working to complete her master’s degree in 2018, as well. She graduated magna cum laude with a master’s in healthcare administration from Walden University in 2019.

Outside of work, Kendal is very involved in the community. She serves as a member of the Newberry Rotary Club, a children’s church leader at Bethlehem Baptist Church, a member of ABWA: Women Connecting Women in Newberry County, and a member of the Newberry Chamber of Commerce.

Amongst all the accomplishments Kendal has made, there are three that she is most proud of. While being called “boss” and “student,” Kendal was called “mom” by two amazing children and has since added a third to the family. Jordyn, Kendal’s 10-year-old daughter, is the oldest and is going into the 5th grade at Boundary Street Elementary. Not far behind, Tyler is the 7-year-old middle child going into the 2nd grade at Boundary Street, as well. Last but certainly not least, Julie is Kendal’s 9-month-old daughter and the newest addition. Just like her own child, her nephew Zack is 15 years old and is a rising sophomore at Newberry High School.

Arguably the hardest job of them all, being a mom is no easy task and comes with its own set of challenges. Despite the chaos, Kendal says that routine and schedule are what make her world go round. She’s a huge proponent of planning and believes consistency is key when it comes to being the best mom and boss she can be. Everyone’s biggest question is how she creates balance between work, family, and self, and Kendal says that she oftentimes neglects herself but that family time with the kids helps her relax after a long day.

Family time in the Bishop house is never boring, either, as they enjoy lots of activities together. Kendal and her kids enjoy family movie nights, cuddled up on the couch with lots of popcorn. Jordyn and Tyler are big readers, too, so they enjoy sitting down to share what they each have learned from their recent readings. On the more creative nights, they love to do arts and crafts, many of which are displayed throughout the home. Kendal even keeps a wooden basket on her desk that Tyler made for her during one such night. The children are talented like their mother, that's for sure. 

As a mom, Kendal has certain values that she works to instill in her children that she hopes reflect in her business, too. In her house, Kendal pushes positivity and always wants her children to see the brighter side of things. Faith is huge in her family and she encourages each of her children to trust in God and His plan, even if it isn’t quite what they thought it would be. Another rule within her house; saying “I can’t” is unacceptable, because it should always be “I can.” Nothing, to Kendal, is impossible if you work for it.

Her values have been passed down through generations, as many were instilled in her as a child by her parents. Newberry natives themselves, Kendal’s parents were entrepreneurs that began their business in 1979 and passed the legacy down to Kendal and her siblings. Her mother started the “I can’t” rule, and Kendal believes it, along with her mother’s motivation, to be partly responsible for her success.

Having been left a legacy herself, Kendal’s goal is to do the same for her children. With three sectors to her business, each of her children will be left with a business of their own to help them get started. At the end of the day, family is her biggest priority, and her business is a way that she can provide for her children now and in the future. Not only can she provide to her children, but to the Newberry community as well, through her wonderful customer service and strong work ethic.

A woman who can only be described as a supermom, Kendal and her family are an inspiration to others. Although she may not wear a cape or fly, her ability to juggle being a mom, boss, community member, and so much more is nothing short of extraordinary. Kendal is proof that sometimes, when we take the time to get to know others, we find that the power we often envy of superheroes dulls in comparison to the power of those around us.

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