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The Charm of Tiny Paris in a Small Town!

Interviewed By Hope Lindner and Told By Alexandra and Adam La Noue-Adler

A hidden gem tucked away on Caldwell Street, Tiny Paris Carolina is a product of Alex La Noue-Adler’s creativity. Originally from Brooklyn, NYC, Alex moved to Vermont, where she and her husband owned a hotel and restaurant that they loved dearly. They eventually sold their business with plans to open an event space on their property, but when Covid-19 hit, the couple knew they couldn’t afford to live in Vermont anymore. Seeing as their daughter was going off to college, they decided to take a road trip to South Carolina in search of a new home. Newberry was the place for them, and they soon after began the work to open Tiny Paris to the community.

Having been in the industry for 25 years, Alex started the business because she and her husband both enjoy the hospitality aspect, meeting new people, and preparing food as a creative outlet. At Tiny Paris, they not only prepare small plates and serve gorgeous wines, but they also create eco-friendly candles in vintage vessels and sell unique clothing and home décor. The shop is a local neighborhood spot to grab a glass of wine or a crafted beer and enjoy globally inspired foods with a French influence like cheese boards, fish boards, and escargot.

Complimenting the gorgeous interior of Tiny Paris is a gorgeous mural on its exterior brick, commissioned by Alex to liven the wall that she believes was “screaming for attention.” Artist Richardo Ramirez of Octopus Ink Murals took on the project, instructed to paint a mural inspired by a small pot embellished with Poppies and Forget Me Nots. The spot is now a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike to take photos. Alex’s goal for Tiny Paris is to become a staple in the community while supporting her family and enjoying living in Newberry. Driven by Alex’s love of meeting new people and encouraging them to try new things, Tiny Paris is looking forward to the summer and hopes to become a hub for those warm afternoon hangouts.


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