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The Glasgow Family: A Passion for Serving Others

Written By: John Lesaine

Photos By: Tori Steyne

Selfless. Passionate. Servant leader. Model citizen. Visionary. Helper.

Those are just a few words that describe a man who has given so much to the Newberry County community. His love for others is undeniable. His commitment to serving the needs of the community is unmatched. You won’t find many people like John Glasgow.

People’s faces light up when you ask them if they know Glasgow. Then they will tell you about his work with the Newberry Housing Authority. They will tell you about how he is a valued member of the Rotary Club. They will laud his efforts and leadership for the Living Hope Foundation. They will describe how he is an angel on Earth.

Many people would slow down after they retire but don’t tell that to Glasgow. He would tell you he’s even busier as a retiree than he was when he was working full time, and that does not bother him. In fact, that makes him who he is.

I’ve had the pleasure of serving and working with him since I joined the Living Hope Foundation Board of Directors a few years ago. We work even closer together now as I serve as the board chair. I have never worked with a person who takes as much pride in serving others. John Glasgow’s passion is not something that you find every day and it is not something to take for granted. He gives of his time and his treasure, and he does it without hesitation.

Having lived in the Newberry community for his entire life, Glasgow knows the needs of the community. He once said, “We have been blessed with the opportunity to be a blessing to the community. It should not be a question of if we can do something, but how much can we do?”

Of course, you can’t talk about John Glasgow without talking about his family. He is always quick to deflect any praise and always mentions how his wife, Gloria, son, Lemont, and daughter, Tammi, are his biggest supporters. You see, it’s not just John who gives of his time and treasure. His family relentlessly gives of their time and treasure as well.

Let’s take Gloria (I call her “Mom G”) for example. She’s a successful author and community leader as well. She is the driving force behind the Golden Ministry, which hosts bible studies and events like the “Miss Golden Beautiful Pageant.”

I definitely cannot forget about Tammi. Tammi is a community celebrity. Her warm smile and awesome energy can light up any room. Tammi proudly serves as a volunteer for the Living Hope Foundation.

Lemont boasts an impressive track record of public service. He serves on the board for Living Hope and is also a city councilman. He works hard for his constituents and the great people of Newberry. It is no surprise that Lemont has passed along his passion for serving others just like his father passed that along to him.

The Glasgow family does not serve for accolades. They do not serve for a pat on the back. They do not serve to be seen. They serve because it is right. They serve because they know there is work to do. The bible says in Mark 9:37 that the “harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” I give thanks to God to know the laborers known as the Glasgows. They are a reason why our community is so special.


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