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THE GRIMSLEY FAMILY: Walking by Faith, Not Sight

Interview By Shannon Bundrick, Written By Maggie White | Photos By Tori Steyne

Everyone has a journey they have taken, or still taking, when it comes to their faith. One man in Newberry County has decided that his journey doesn’t define him, but it is what has developed him. This is the story of Travis and Malary Grimsley.

Travis Grimsley grew up on a farm in New Hope. And while many associate growing up on a farm as a “simple life,” Travis found himself making decisions he regretted. One of his favorite quotes is, “Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.” When he talks about this quote, he is not speaking on it from an outside view. Travis has lived this.

Travis gave his life to Christ and watched his life change in ways he didn’t think were possible. Still, after finding Christ, he struggled as most people do. He continued to live in prayer, and started living his life by walking in faith, not by sight. He had faith that God would lead him down the right path. This path led him to First Baptist of Newberry and to Malary.

Malary grew up in Newberry County until her sophomore year of high school in 2003. After living in Texas, she was drawn back to Newberry in 2012. At this time, Travis was becoming more active in the church. When Malary walked into his life everything started to fall into place. They both became more active in the church through the praise team, helping in the nursery, being greeters for the elementary Sunday School room, and women’s ministries. The two married in 2014.

As time went on, Travis found himself on a new adventure. What started as side work became a main business. On July 1, 2018, Grimsley Ironworks, LLC became official. Travis loved the challenge of his work and felt a sense of freedom to make moves he was once hesitant to.

Still feeling the passion about his business, Travis continues to work out of his shop that is on the same farmland his great grandfather bought in 1903 – land that has provided to the family for over 100 years, now off of skills rather than crops.

Within 4 years of opening the business, Travis had hit the goals he made for year 10. Some of his favorite projects have been the handrails at Standard on Main, the Pomaria Community Center (old school building), and work for Cross Point Church of Newberry. He has also done work for larger companies such as Samsung, ISE, Komatsu, and West Frasier.

Travis’ work extends past his business. He remodeled a house for himself, Malary, and their kids to make a home. Evelynn (3), Emberly (4), Lyric (11), Braelynn (14), Maloree (15), and Michael (15), have played a large role in Travis and Malary’s engagement in the community.

With the kids playing sports and being active in extracurriculars, Travis and Malary became active as well. Through Grimsley Ironworks, they became a sponsor for Mid-Carolina and Whitmire softball teams. Their favorite part is being able to watch the community kids succeed and being able to cheer them on. Travis also travels to local schools to share his story. What they hold near and dear to their hearts, though, is the Golf Kid’s Cancer Tournament.

In December 2022, the Grimsley family was given news that would test most people’s faith, but only made theirs stronger.

Their daughter, Braelynn, nicknamed Bunny, became very sick. It was found that she had tumors and her thyroid had completely calcified, and needed to be removed. The family got closer to one another and put everything in God’s hands.

Through prayer and grace, Bunny fought hard and as of March 23, 2023, has been cleared as cancer free.

Through their journey of strife to success, unforeseen battles and tests, the one constant for the Grimsley family has been family and faith. Travis believes in his heart that he is where God wants him to be. Since giving his life to Christ, he has been abundantly blessed. His reminder to the supportive community of Newberry County is to “walk by faith, not sight.”


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