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The Jaeger Family

Written By Katie Chappell

Photos By Tori Steyne

When it comes to close-knit families, the Jaegers are a prime example of how to spend time together while having fun and giving back. Their family of four is a blessing to the Newberry community through their constant contributions to local organizations, along with their infectious positivity and encouragement of others. It’s no doubt that getting to know the Jaeger’s will make you feel like a member of the family yourself, a reflection of their gracious and giving nature.

Both having grown up in Newberry, Mike and Beth Jaeger are no strangers to the community and all the opportunities it offers to give back. Mike’s mother continues to be an active member of the community through her intensive involvement with the Manna House Food Pantry, where the entire family now volunteers, and Beth’s father was a teacher while her mother worked as a nurse. Newberrians at heart, Mike and Beth are continuing legacies of service. Beth serves as a member of the Keep Newberry Beautiful board, an organization that the couple enjoys helping out in whatever ways possible.

Though Mike and Beth both attended Newberry County schools and even met at Newberry High, the two didn’t hit it off until 1996, shortly after Beth graduated, while riding bicycles. The rest is, undoubtedly, history. They have two wonderful daughters; Mallorie, a rising senior at Presbyterian College, and Kindel, an incoming freshman at Newberry High School. Their family is only complete with the additions of their sweet fur babies, a 7-year-old rescue mix named Holly, and their newest member, BlueBelle, a 9-month-old Bluetick Coonhound.

Education is a core passion for the Jaegers, as both Beth and Mike work within the industry. Mike is gearing up for his 20th year as the welding instructor at the Newberry County Career Center, where he focuses on career readiness through hands-on experience and community projects. Beth is the Director of the Piedmont Technical College Newberry campus where she has served since 2013. Responsible for finances, classes, students, faculty and staff, and building maintenance at the Newberry campus, Beth is no doubt a woman of many hats. Their daughter Mallorie shares a similar passion, as she is currently earning her bachelor's degree in elementary education with a middle school add-on. Mallorie has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout her college career, no less, and served as a Junior Marshall this past school year, an honor that both she and her family are incredibly proud of. Mallorie jokes that being a full-time student and a “mother of three” to her other family members is a hard job, but somehow she manages it flawlessly.

Along with education, fitness remains a priority for the Jaegers through their extensive

participation in Newberry’s CrossFit community. Mike began CrossFit in 2017, Beth then joining in 2019, and their two daughters participating intermittently throughout. The couple is now heavily involved in the Downtown Fitness Compound in Newberry, where they plan and host free community events that promote healthy living and the benefits of having such a strong support group in your corner. Following closely in her parent’s footsteps, their daughter Kindel has developed a passion for exercise science and physical therapy and has competed in two CrossFit competitions and two Spartan races, one of which was a half marathon.

Not only does Kindel participate in CrossFit, but she has been an active member of the YMCA Eels swim team for 6 years and is now a member of the Newberry High School swim team, as well. The entire family is involved with the Newberry YMCA Eels, as both Mike and Beth have served as timers at countless meets, and they all jump at the opportunity whenever they can lend a helping hand. While balancing all of her activities, including regular 5K races, Kindel has managed to maintain good grades and is an active member of the National Beta Club.

Outside of both work and organizations, the Jaeger family loves to get outdoors and travel. Whether it be a nature hike not too far from home or a long road trip, the family enjoys spending time together and just being in each other’s company. They are also frequent cruise goers, having set sail for many unique destinations that they’ve experienced and explored as a family.

When asked about their secret to keeping such a close familial relationship, the Jaegers said that there simply isn’t one for them. Mike says that “when you love people as much as we love eachother, it’s an easy task.” While they don’t claim a secret, the Jaegers believe that finding something everyone enjoys, doing it together, and having fun while doing it is key to keep activities family-involved. Mike and Beth know that their girls are growing up, so they are cherishing their time together now more than ever. They look forward to continuing active lifestyles as the girls grow and feel confident that, no matter what, they will continue to make memories together as a family and, even more confidently, that they will continue to have fun.


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