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The Legacy of Kim Lipsey Mitchell

Written By Vicki Amick

She was Kim to some, KiKi to others, but to me she was Kimmie. One’s legacy can be defined as what they left behind. Kimmie’s legacy is easy to define, LOVE!! I am not sure how one’s heart had so much room for so much love, but hers was never-ending.

She loved Jesus and made sure that everyone knew that. She shared her love for Jesus at every opportunity. “Who can use extra prayers today?” That wasn’t a hypothetical question for her, she truly wanted to pray for those that asked. We can all learn to be more prayerful for others. Teaching Sunday school was a great joy for her. She loved planning for the lesson and gathering instruments and costumes. She wanted to do anything possible to get the kids fired up and engaged to learn about Jesus! Kimmie looked forward to her mission trips to Brazil and Africa and the opportunity to share the good news abroad. We all need to be fired up to share the good news of Jesus with everyone we come in contact with near and far.

Kimmie loved her people. Man, did she have a lot of people. She loved her family, especially her nephew and nieces. She loved people she went to school with. She loved all of her daycare babies like they were her own. She was so proud of the young adults they had become. She loved her church people! She loved her work people. She loved her BNI, rotary, and chamber people, and on and on. We can all learn to love more people!

Kimmie loved sports. From the time she was little, she loved softball, baseball, football, and basketball! She loved playing for and cheering on her favorite teams. She loved umpiring, keeping the clock or the book, whatever she could do to stay involved!! Kimmie especially loved her Clemson Tigers and much to the chagrin of her tiger loving friends, The South Carolina Gamecock Women’s Basketball team. Kimmie was so passionate about her love of sports and supporting her teams.

Kimmie loved a road trip. It didn’t matter if it were to see the Tigers play or Reba sing or off to Disney World, she was sitting on go! There was never a dull or quiet minute on a road trip with

Kimmie. There was too much laughter to be had or songs to be sung! She was a walking jukebox, put a quarter in and she could sing/rap just about any song!

Kimmie liked to post questions on Facebook like, What is one thing you think of when you think of me? Man, that is a long list because Kimmie loved and was so passionate about so many things; Jesus, family, children, friends, Clemson, Reba, Dabo Swinney, Dawn Staley, Disney, Cassell Brothers, Africa, popsicles, cupcakes, roller coasters, Nippy, karaoke, a zoo, reality TV…..and so on. If Kimmie was passionate about something, you knew it! We can all learn to love and be passionate about many things.

We can all LOVE more, share the good news of Jesus more and be passionate about more!!! Let’s BECOME more, MORE LIKE KIMMIE!!

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