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The Secret Ingredient that Makes Everything "Umm So Delicious"

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Kissy Young has had a passion for baking ever since she was a child. It was only a few years ago that she decided to take that passion and run - and so was born Umm So Delicious, her very own baking business.

Kissy, a whitmire native, recently moved to the Prosperity area and felt a need within the community for homemade goods. As a minister in her church, she especially saw a need during church functions and wanted to bring back the wonder of old-school treats from scratch. Her recipes are made with old-school techniques, but her recipes are her own creations that have been tested to perfection.

Why Umm So Delicious? The name of the business is descriptive of the products, that's for sure, but its origin hits a little more close to home. At the heart and soul of Umm So Delicious is Kissy's daughter, Isabella. When only 2 years old Isabella got into the habit of using the phrase "Umm... so delicious" whenever she tasted something yummy. Where it came from, Kissy has no idea, but she knew that if anything could sum up her business, that was it.

Isabella isn't just the face of Umm So Delicious, but she's more than just beautiful - she can bake like a pro, too. Now 4 (but going on 5), Isabella is Kissy's right-hand man when it comes to the kitchen. She says her favorite things to make are cakes and cupcakes, and really recommends everyone to order a "Minnie Mouse" Cake (her personal favorite). She loves to make tasty treats to share with everyone and, most importantly, spend time with her mom.

Kissy says, "For me, baking is really about having a gift from God that I'm able to share with my daughter and both have a passion for. I can pass it on to her, and she can pass it on to her children after that."

If there is anything that Kissy and Isabella want our readers to know, it is that Umm So Delicious is "reliable, reasonable, and family-driven" and everything is homemade.

I know you've been waiting to know the secret ingredient that makes all of Umm So Delicious' goods live up to their name. The ladies report that it's pretty simple, but very important; extra servings of love and lots of laughter.

You can reach Kissy and Isabella on both their Facebook Page,, and Instagram Page, Call at (803) 271-6586.

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