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The Vo Family: Gracefully Balancing Work and Family

By: Katie Chappell

Photos By: Tori Steyne

If you’re looking for an example of hard work and dedication, look no further than Newberry’s very own Ton Vo and Su Dao. They are incredible partners, business owners, and parents that have not only made Newberry their home but given back to the community in momentous ways. As January marks the 10th anniversary of their time in Newberry, the following month signifies the 10th anniversary of their most well-known community contribution, Newberry Nails Salon & Spa.

Before moving to Newberry, Ton and Su lived in central Georgia where Ton worked for his sister while attending college. After college, the couple decided it was time for a change and made the near 4-hour move to the small town of Newberry, South Carolina. Once settled, they got right to work creating a salon that they were proud of and knew their new home would love, too. As it seems, the rest is history.

Through Newberry Nails Salon & Spa, Ton and Su have displayed selfless service to the community. Open six days a week and often staying open late to accommodate all clients, Newberry Nails is a testament to the love that Ton and Su have for their art and their community. With Su’s kind and gentle personality and Ton’s wild sense of humor, the two are perfect complements to one another within the workplace and have created a salon environment that feels no different than visiting a friend.

Balancing work and family is no joke, but Ton and Su somehow make it seem effortless. A young family of four, they understand the importance of creating an environment where both business and family can seamlessly support one another. Many of the artists within the salon are close relatives to both Ton and Su, which becomes evident when you see how well they all communicate within the salon. Not only are there familial employees, but precious visitors as well. Oftentimes, clients will be lucky enough to be greeted by Mason, Ton, and Su’s 4-year-old son. Having more recently joined the family is Ethan, their adorable 8-month-old son. While your nails will absolutely turn out fabulous, seeing both boys may arguably be the highlight of your service.

Outside of the salon, Ton and Su try to spend as much time enjoying the outdoors with their sons as possible. Both parents, through extreme dedication to their business, strive to make Mason and Ethan’s childhoods memorable, fun, and most of all, full of love and laughter. Many of their hobbies include camping, golfing, fishing, and taking trips to the beach. Ton, being a big sportsman himself, has worked to instill that same love in his son Mason, and so far, he’s loving it just as much as his dad. The verdict is still out on Ethan but, given some time, things are sure to change.

As the 10th anniversary of Newberry Nails Salon & Spa approaches, our community is more thankful than ever for the tireless commitment that Ton, Su, and their family have shown to the betterment of our community. There are few who have joined our community and loved it so wholeheartedly, willing to sacrifice so much of their own time to provide services to those around them. When you enter Newberry Nails and meet Ton and Su, you are no longer a visitor, but a member of the family who is known by name. You experience the love, are invited in on the laughter, and leave with so much more than new nail polish or a pedicure; you leave wondering just how much we all could learn and love about one another, if we only took long enough to sit across from them and ask.


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