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Treating everyone like family!

By Anitra Abnathey Ruff

I met Teretha Spearman in high school. She was a sweet, soft-spoken young lady who would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. Teretha seemed shy, but once I got to know her, I found that she was a person that I could confide in. She had a listening ear and was also fun to be around. I lost touch with Teretha for a few years after high school, but one day, I was in Walmart and ran into her while she was working. She was still the same after all those years. Beautiful smile. Sweet personality. Fast forward to 2022, Teretha is an amazing person, and she’s a godsend for the Walmart store in Newberry. Teretha has awesome customer service skills. She is always willing to help customers and answer any questions they have. Teretha shows professionalism and compassion, and she works well by herself as well as with a team. I think the world needs more people like her working with the public.


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