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Two Key Components that Can Make or Break Your Well System.

Written By Wedaman & Richardson Inc.

If you live in Newberry County or one of the neighboring counties, it’s a good chance that you have a well water system that provides water to your home. Many people feel that if they turn on a faucet and the waterworks that their system is working properly, but that’s not always the case. All modern well water systems today have more than 2 key components, but this article contains two of the most commonly seen issues: the pressure switch and the pressurized holding tank.

Think of the pressure switch as the brain of the system and the pressure tank as the lung, and of course the pump is the heart. When a tank is low on air or waterlogged, you will notice a surge in your showers or faucets. This surge is produced by the pump in the well, cycling on and off. This introduces over-cycling of the pressure switch, which over time will cause the switch to no longer conduct electricity to the pump motor, putting it temporarily out of service or permanently damaging it to the point of replacement. Maintaining the proper air pressure setting in your tank and pressure switch differentials is crucial to the life of your system. Eliminating these problems before they do major damage to your system will save you money on repairs and, even more importantly, unexpected down time. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have an annual or biannual service for your well water system.

Wedaman & Richardson Inc. was established in 2009 by Jonathan Wedaman and Slade Richardson. We provide service and repair for your water well system. We stock all the parts that you may need to get your system back up and running as soon as possible, using quality products that are backed by the highest manufacturer's warranty. We own and operate a fleet of modern tools and equipment to provide safe, fast, and efficient service of your system. Our truck-mounted pump hoist will pull the heaviest loads with ease, and our portable “up Z daisy” will access those wells in hard to reach areas. In some cases, it is necessary to be able to view the inside of the well casing. We can do this using our borehole inspection camera, allowing us to confirm the actual problem and address it properly. We also service and repair irrigation pumps that pull water from lakes or ponds.

If you are experiencing these issues or would like to schedule a service for your system, give us a call today. You can contact us at 803-924-5059 or 803-924-1698, or visit our website at


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