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We Care Mobile Food Pantry

By Alecia Klauk

When they can’t come to us, we go to them!

We Care’s mobile food pantry began service to northern parts of Newberry County several years ago and quickly doubled the number of families being served from our physical location in Chapin!

“I don’t know what we’d do without you!”

We hear this every distribution from thankful people who have little access to resources. Families with children, the elderly and disabled, and the underemployed all are able to receive food when they need it most.

Throughout the height of the COVID pandemic and working with Harvest Hope Food Bank, we served as the first line food response for Newberry County, providing federally funded food programs to those in need in outlying areas. We Care’s mobile pantry continues to provide COVID support by offering easy access to vaccines through our partnership with Prosperity Drug who accompanies us for all of our mobile food distributions.

Working with Harvest Hope, we have also been extremely fortunate to work with committed partners from Newberry County in each of our three mobile locations. Prosperity Police Chief Wesley Palmore picks up food every distribution at Prosperity Park to deliver to citizens who are shut in and cannot drive.

John Glasgow and his team at Living Hope Foundation have long been friends of We Care and host us in the town of Newberry, serving alongside us out of their refrigerated box truck that we were able to give to them last year!

Whitmire Community Center provides a central location to distribute food, particularly important as Whitmire lost their last remaining grocery store several months ago. Harvest Hope has been so very graciously responsive to jump in with us immediately to increase the distribution to better meet needs. We are also delighted to work with Whitmire First Baptist Church.

We Care always appreciates volunteers, and the mobile distributions are no different! We also are grateful for your support to help us continue this work. Contact We Care at 803-345-3244 or for more information.

The Newberry County Mobile Food Pantry, provided through a partnership with Harvest Hope and Chapin We Care, will be distributing pantry items at the Prosperity Park on the first (1st) Tuesday of each month starting at 2:00PM. Please review the above schedule for additional dates and locations. If you have any additional questions, feel free to call Chapin We Care at 803-345-3244.

Dates and Locations

Oct 4th - Prosperity: Prosperity Park on School Drive

Oct 11th - Newberry: Living Hope Foundation, 980 First St

Oct 18th - Whitmire: Whitmire Community Center

Nov 1st - Prosperity: Prosperity Park on School Drive

Nov 8th - Newberry: Living Hope Foundation, 980 First St

Nov 15th - Whitmire: Whitmire Community Center

Dec 6th - Prosperity: Prosperity Park on School Drive

Dec 13th - Newberry: Living Hope Foundation, 980 First St

Dec 20th - Whitmire: Whitmire Community Center

Clients residing in Newberry County are eligible and will be served on a first come first served basis.


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