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YoungLife: Giving Back to the Next Generation

By Cole Harper

YoungLife is a staple within the Newberry community through our work uplifting and empowering local youth to lead lives full of faith. Our impact is best displayed through our students, as we see them grow as young adults before our eyes. Today, we would love for you to meet Jadyn, a member of our YoungLife community.

Jadyn‘s leader, Chasity, has seen Jadyn’s life change because of the promised hope and love of Jesus. Here is what Chasity has to say:

When I first met Jadyn at summer camp, she stood out to me for so many reasons. She was shy and a little reserved, but she stood out to me because of her colorful hair, soft smile, and quiet demeanor made her stand out in our loud and silly girls’ cabin. Throughout the week, Jadyn blossomed, Jadyn and I danced at Club together while scream-singing along to whatever song the band played. We walked together, laughed together, and talked about everything from our love of music and pretty nails to our large and crazy families. Since summer camp, Jadyn and her family have been in a transition period between Newberry and North Carolina. Still, she’s made time to attend weekly campaigners meetings, all area clubs, spontaneous game days at my house and even a Friendsgiving last month. I’ve been blessed to watch the way the Lord is working in her life. Her family has been blessed with a beautiful new home, her smile has gotten wider and brighter and her laugh has become loud and contagious. When you see Jadyn now, she’s laughing. The spirit of joy is evident when she’s around and she makes others smile and laugh, too. I’m thankful for summer camp, meeting Jadyn and now calling her a friend!

Join a movement changing the lives of young people in our community – offering acceptance, adventure, and an invitation to experience life as God designed it. To learn more about how you can give back with YoungLife, please visit Newberry.


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